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Oh my...Hare + Hart online sample sale @ofakind

Hare + Hart
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My love for pony hair accessories began a long time ago. I used to cringe thinking of them as live animals but I don't know where that feeling went. During our travels in Argentina last November, pony hair things (bags, purses, keychains even mate gourds ) were everywhere and somewhat affordable however, the quality was sub-par as it was made for the masses and tourists, I think. I wasn't willing to pay more for quality apparel since we were very limited in pesos (although in the end, we tried hard to spend everything as we under-budgeted and didn't want to be left with any pesos before we left the country). Anyway, back in New York, pony hair accessories are not cheap and I always just touch, sigh and leave it be.

Ever since Of A kind introduced Hare+Hart to their readers a couple of months ago, I've kept my eye on them. All their products are made in guess where? Argentina!! it was fate. I almost got a Hare+Hart crossbody bag on sale on but decided to save my pennies as they were still $200-400 after discounts. But today, my jaw dopped when I saw Of a kind throwing a Hare+Hart sample sale. The prices are amazing. I only logged on an hour late and most of the good stuff were gone. My heart sunk as the clutches and bags I liked were already sold out. I was still running around work running errands so couldn't sit down somewhere to properly shop the sale. I started adding things into the cart on my phone browser and as I was ready to checkout, no credit card in sight so had to wait (ahhh). When I got back to the lab, an old lab mate showed up and we caught up a bit. Although I was so happy to see her again, my mind kept thinking about the sale lol. Finally, I got in front of my computer and quickly shopped. As I am writing this,  24 out of 38 items are already sold out. At these crazy low prices, I am really not surprised but wished I knew about this earlier so I can have first dibs :)  Oh Of a Kind, why didn't you give us a sneak peak? I guess it's best this way... for my wallet anyway This is truly not to be missed for you Hare+Hart fans. Even the sale prices on their website isn't even this good!

But guys, I am conflicted. I recently watched this gruesome, lifechanging documentary about speciesism called "Earthlings" and I almost cried at EVERY footage in the movie narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. Oh, watch here and let me know what you think. I must reflect upon how I will change my ways after watching this completely truthful, logical and transparent documentary. I can walk this Earth being completely hypocritical and ignorant but some things just can't be ignored.

$40 (orig. $120)

$70 (orig. $615)
What I would have got if I was an early bird! $50 for that clutch I've had my eyes one! Ouchie.
$95 (orig $745)

$50! (orig. $615)

$75 (orig. $455)

This clutch is still available!

This red hot leather jacket is still available for $85 for Large and $156 for all other sizes. Orig.

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