Friday, March 15, 2013



What a week! I haven't posted anything all week and it's buggin' me. I think I have been pretty busy but I am not sure how the time went by so fast and we are already Friday! I have to come in to work on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend and therefore, my weekend will official be sucking!

This week, other than being very busy at work I...
-Looked at wedding bands.
-Attended a self defense class on the Lower East Side.
-Attended the Nanette Lepore sample sale for only ten minutes because it was a mess.
-Made big bubbles in the park by Union Square.
-Brought lunch to work 5 days in a row! First time in 3 years!

Choices choices choices...Wedding band shopping time...

Spread the bubble love screams the guy who accepted donations for letting us use his simple bubble maker

It is Friday night and I am planning to stay home. Inglorious basterds is playing, Mac and cheese is baking and ready to pour myself a glass of Prosecco to unwind. A candle is lit up and Dave just came home with a large chocolate cake for me to enjoy. He sweetly said: "I figured since it's that time of the month...."...Now that's love!

Sharp cheddar Mac and cheese

Okay! Enjoy your weekend everyone...will be active soon!


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