Friday, March 22, 2013

In pictures: Reem Acra sample sale [March 2013 NYC sample sale]

Today's Reem Acra sample was only 3 hours long starting from 12 to 3 p.m. I got there half an hour early and there was already a dozen girls in line. 15 minutes later, the small narrow corridor was stacked with women equipped with their bridesmaids, friends, mother and even boyfriends! They let 5 people in at a time. The showroom is pretty small compared to other bridal sales I have been to (Vera Wang and Marchesa) and finding space in front of a mirror was definitely a problem. The stock of gowns and dresses were, in my opinion, unimpressive.

Anyway, I was looking for evening gowns which sat quietly on two racks while the bridal coutures were being picked over. I was also looking for bridal accessories but there weren't any. No veils neither. Some left the sale early seemed like the good stuff were being tried on and the leftovers, almost all in size 8 and 10 were untouched in their individual dress covers.

I was able to take pictures of a few evening gowns but it was more difficult for the bridal gowns as they were all bagged up. There were some cute dresses as well as elegant ones. This one girl got really lucky with this gorgeous all silk low cut dress in her size- I think she was probably going to keep it. She would be crazy not to!

The sale goes on until tomorrow but I don't think it would be worth a trip unless you're willing to spend on alterations unless you're a size 8+ then you're in luck! If you go now, you might still be able to find something you like!

I didn't ask if they would be restocking, sorry!

Click for more pictures....

Reem Acra sample sale Retail: $4,895, sale: $2,200.

Reem Acra sample sale

Reem Acra sample sale

Reem Acra top $270

Reem Acra sale $977

Reem Acra sale $400

$500. One available. 


Reem Acra sample sale Gown retail at $2,395, sale: $500. Size: 8
Gorgeous strapless emerald dress: $500

Gown: $800

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