Saturday, March 23, 2013

it is Spring cleaning time...

It was so beautiful outside this past Saturday...Spring is definitely in the air! Did we go out and enjoy it? Nope. While Dave worked all day long (poor thing), I did three batches of laundry and decided it was time for some much needed Spring cleaning. I felt inspired by Goop's 'Golden rules of editing your closet' so, I went through my closet with two rules in mind:

Rule 1:
“Consider the ‘two tries rule:’ if you have put on a garment and then immediately taken it off to wear something else two or more times, let it go. I know, you spent good money on it and have never worn it, but you are not getting that money back by keeping it in your closet. Smile and enjoy the cathartic feeling of de-cluttering.”

This one has helped me make the decision for most of the garments I picked out of my closet today!

Rule 2:
“Anything more than 6 months old that still has tags on it was a mistake. It doesn't excite you and/or it doesn't work with your other pieces. We live and learn. Assess what doesn't work, and let it go.”

I only found one item with a tag on. I usually wear everything I buy.

This was only half of the pile of clothes I took out...

While rummaging through my closet for things to discard...I found some light pashmina and silk scarfs perfect for Spring time. I hand washed and hung them to dry. 

Continuing with throwing out the old and unused...I also went through my sad makeup repository. This is all of my makeup. See all those makeup brushes I have? I really only use one of them. All those mascaras? I use only the Kevin Aucoin one. Four eyeshadow palettes, I only used the Dior one... Two of the Lancomes palettes were gifts and remain untouched so I never threw them out neither...and still not sure if I should? I really can't justify throwing any stuff out that I haven't used... but how long will they sit there for?

Of course when you do throw out stuff, you need to replenish...
Here's my broken Dior eyeshadow palette I have had for many many years (5-6 years?) as well as my crusty old Bobbi Brown gel liner which I have been using with a wet brush to be able to apply smoothly on my eyes. I really will miss my Dior palette but maybe I'll keep it for longer since there's two colors that are almost intact!

6 year old Dior palette and very very old Bobbi Brown gel liner I can't remember when I bought...


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  1. Its so hard to spring clean, I try to purge, I put everything I want to "donate" in a pile but that pile migrates to my sister's room then it just sits there. I have a very hard time getting rid of stuff!

    1. Me too! My sister will filter the pile before I donate!