Sunday, March 17, 2013

In pictures: Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Balmain, Cavalli, Costume National....[sample sale]

Karl Lagerfeld pants

On Sunday, after having to go to work for a bit, it was time for some shopping therapy so I decided to check out this sample sale featuring goodies from Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Balmain, Cavalli, Costume National, and Ro bags.

It was a fairly quiet sale and no wait at the cash register. I liked the selections from Pierre Balmain the best but for the 45 minutes I was there, I was contemplating a wool/leather sleeve jacket from Costume National. I have a weakness for wool/leather combo garments. I decided to be good and left it back on the rack since it would be a coat I won't be wearing until Fall. It was the only one left and it was in a Euro size 40 (Small). There seems to be plenty of merchandise with few sizing choices for some items but most were small sizes XS or S, M (European Size 38 and 40, 42) in the pieces I was interested in. Costume National had the least selections. The selection for Just Cavalli were bountiful as it occupied several racks in the back of the room.  Bags were also a plenty and all at 70% off retail, same as the clothes though there was a table full of Costume National bags at $99. Karl Lagerfeld accessories such as leather gloves and jeweled collars were limited and spread across two shelves. The men section seems to be fully stocked with little guys hovering in there so I'm sure there's plenty of merchandise to pick from.

Despite the large selection, nothing was cheap at this sale. The cheapest item I found was a soft Pierre Balmain plain black tank top at $51 + taxes.

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Karl accessories

Just Cavilli, GF Ferre, Costume National accessories

Costume National bags

Cavalli leather jackets

Pierre Balmain $271

Pierre Balmain $288


Karl's profile is on the jeans

Karl's face is all over these stretchy jeans. $120.
Pierre Balmain rack with winter gear.
Karl Lagerfeld jacket. Was $530, now $159.

Karl dress. Was $1320, now $394.

Karl blazer $117


Pierre Balmain

Just Cavalli jacket. $381.

Karl hairy sleeve jacket. Was $1080, Now $324

Karl accessories

70% off bags from Ro, Pierre Balmain, Cavalli and Karl Lagerfeld

Pierre Balmain $243

Balmain bag $318

Just Cavalli colorful flocks

Leather sleeve Costume National jacket. $300.

Pierre Balmain. Was $2880, now $864.

Cavalli leather jacket. Was $2300, Now $690.

Pierre Balmain clutch

Pierre Balmain pants

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  1. Wow looks amazing, but disappointed that the stufff is still expensive. :(

    1. Yea! Maybe they will reduce prices during the last days?

  2. Found an EXTREMELY interesting Just Cavalli Men's Blazer Design - adjustable waist detail that helps create a very defined curve/ body silhouette. Price was still steep however.
    A bit disappointed with the Lagerfeld's selection for both men's and women's.

    1. Yes, even though there was two full racks..nothing super!