Thursday, March 7, 2013

nykeiko shops: The gowns at J.Mendel sample sale...[March 2013 NYC sample sale]

J. Mendel sample sale

I stopped by the J. Mendel sample sale this morning to look at the gowns hoping to find something I could wear to change out of my wedding dress. Well, there was tons of gorgeous dresses and the ones I liked were over my budget even when the pieces were all at 75% off. The samples started at $50 including pants, shorts, skirts, dress but nothing to see in that section.

There was a short line in the morning which was open to the public but there were many women that were able to skip the line since they were able to make appointments. I saw many nice dresses but all in bigger sizes. So, when you see nothing you like on the racks, the best bet is to go into the changing room and see if there are any dresses left behind. I was able to find a couple of dresses in size 2 and 4 ...the price point discouraged me to try them on though. That and being too lazy to strip down since I didn't have my sample sale "outfit" (leggings, tank top etc.) since it was a last minute decision to attend the sale which was at Union Square where I switch trains to go uptown.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the gowns at the sale...

J. Mendel beautiful woven gown

J. Mendel:A sexy fuscia low cut number for side boob cleavage 

J. Mendel sample sale
J. Mendel: The beads were so pretty

very damaged

J. Mendel emerald green dress

J. Mendel sample sale

J. Mendel leather dress

$75 J. Mendel shoe

J. Mendel sample sale: Lots of fur. Scary kinda.
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  1. Hi My name is Avita, I am from Michigan and in desperate need of a designer formal gown for my sisters wedding. I absolutely love this fuscia J mendel you posted here. Any way you can help me find it or somthing like it? Please help... Shopping in Michigan sucks!

  2. Keiko please help me find a dress!! Love the fuscia J Mendel you posted. I live in Michigan and need a dress by May!

  3. are you going to any other designer sample sales? I need help finding a gown?

    1. Hi I'm sorry but it would be difficult to shop sales for someone's best to be there in person to try on the clothes since the sizes are always different etc. Come to NY!