Thursday, April 4, 2013


Totoro loving baseball more than me

Finally, I got to watch my first major league baseball game in New York city. Last night, it was Yankees versus Red Sox. I don't know much about baseball. All I know is that I ate a lot of junk food and missed two home runs. The first one we missed, we were gathered with our friends chatting away in the hallway and the second home run, we were already home taking a hot shower. I still had a good time though. Our seats were fantastic (thanks to free company tickets) and I took pics of Ichiro's butt and my cheese fries. We also had beer, hot dog, burger, vanilla milkshake, garlic French fries oh my...

Pre game warm ups. This one player looks like he's getting a shower.

Ichiro's butt. Action shot.

Yankee stadium

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