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Coterie feature #3: Marie Saeki and Yurika Nakazono of Terra New York [TMRW-Coterie 2013]

I would like to think that I am an advocate of local designers, independent brands, new up and coming artists or designers. Whether they are big or small, everyone deserves to be seen or heard...with that being said, here's a new post!

Terra New York -

So I don't need to announce it again because everyone in New York already knows that Spring has arrived and we definitely felt it these past couple of days when the weather was just amAzing. Did you hear about the blizzard further West though? That sure sucks! We are fortunate not to be expecting any more snow but we are getting rain and thunderstorms for the next couple of days. It is actually pouring outside as I am writing this. Just now, I almost peed in my panties from a loud thunder which shook the heck out of our building. This was unexpected (for me anyway as I didn't check the weather before heading out the door this morning)...we had gorgeous hot weather this afternoon and the sky looked bright and blue when I got out of work. When I exited the subway, dark clouds loomed over the city and I did not have an umbrella on me but good thing I got home before the massive downpour. It looked crazy, I was expecting to see a tornado or something... It looks like I will be living in my wellies until the end of the week but I wish I had a raincoat too... 

When it rains, most New Yorkers (females) equip themselves with their trusty wellies, teeny umbrellas and maybe a trenchcoat buuut does anyone own real waterproof jackets that are stylish enough to wear daily? 

I betcha not too many because most of the 100% waterproof raincoats out there are simply unflattering and unstylish ...thinking of bright yellow raincoats yet? But, will seeing these raincoats from Terra New York change your mind about wearing something that can protect you 100% from the rain wherever it covers and not look frumpy or fat and smell like rubber? 

Terra New York raincoats are completely waterproof, stylish and do NOT smell like rubber (they are made of 100% Polyurethane). There are many styles to pick from. I love the Tribeca in Frosty white or Midnight blue and the touch screen friendly pouches which means you can play with your ipad or iphone in the rain (or check your texts in the shower :).

I met CEO and co-founder of Terra New York and she was greatly enthusiastic about Terra's new line of products. She truly believes in the products and hope women will be attracted to these stylish, completely wearable raincoats. When the prototypes were produced, she wanted to make sure that they were 100% waterproof and tested them out in her shower. That's hands-on quality control!

CEO and co-founder of Terra New York: Marie Saeki.
Creative director and co-founder of Terra New York: Yurika Nakazono. Photo via

1. How did the conception of designing these raincoats come about? 

Yurika Nakazono: Living in Stockholm, Tokyo, London, Paris and New York, working in fashion, film, the arts, I destroyed so many beautiful pieces of clothes, bags and shoes in the rain, on my way to meetings and events.  I have been thinking about this idea for as long as I can remember. Living in the big cities, I dont want like the look of the "British lord of the manor", nor the the  girl with the huge red and pink flowery rubber boots. I wanted to be chic, blend in the rain, and be comfortable. I also have to say I dont like the smell of rubber...

Marie Saeki: It was a rainy day in New York and Yurika Nakazono and I were wondering why it was impossible to find a fashionable raincoat! Something chic, and efficient. Yurika Nakazono, and I wanted to start something together, she was already thinking about the raincoat and I was looking for the perfect trenchcoat... It took us over a year to find the right factory, and material, the technical part was and is always in our mind, we wanted to be able to go under our shower to test the collection. From welded seams to ventilation system, the whole collection has a technical part that reflect Yurika's knowledge of high performance ski clothing.

2. What is the perfect outfit you would personally pick to wear under the raincoats?

Yurika: It depends on which coat I would wear, each style is for a different time of the day and look, and it depends how heavy the rain is and what the temperature is. But the best thing is to show what you are wearing underneath, and this is why Terra New York has the transparent look. you can do the contrast look, wearing a dark color under a light color and of course the opposite. Wearing prints and patterns that are graphic is also one of my big favorites!

Marie: Since I have the whole Terra New York collection it really depends of my mood, right now i'm all about black and white, so I would pick a sailor top from St James with a pair of white denim and chelsea boots with studs from Opening ceremony (i can't give them up) underneath our frosty white cape, very graphic, modern 60's.

3. I see white, blue, brown jackets but I am picturing an array of colors possible with these coats. What color would you personally love to wear or see in future collection?

Yurika: Of course, there are no end for colors and ideas! Follow us and you will see. This freedom makes my life as a designer so exciting.

4. You mentioned these jackets were biodegradable. I personally think having UV protection in them would be a great selling point for Asia since Asians are so afraid of sun damage. What else do you think would make these coats any more perfect if technologically possible?

Yurika: The Technical part is a very important part of Terra New York, we are chic and functional, and even here there are no limits in what we can do!

Marie: We are focusing on protecting the body from all type of weather, developing new fabrics, finding new technics to give the best functionality to the collection, so rain or shine we all need to be protected.

5. Jessica Chastain looks lovely in her Terra New York jacket. Which celebrity do you think would bring out the essence of Terra's sophisticate look?

Yurika: Terra New York is for everyone, who wants to look chic in the rain, I can see so many people wearing Terra New York and stye it in their own very special way, it is hard to pick one, and Jessica wore ii perfectly. We would love to see Michelle Obama wear hers...

Marie: Lou Doillon, I just love her last album...


6. Terra New York was awarded best women's travel clothing by Travel and Leisure. Congrats! It is officially a great coat to travel with. Which cities would you love to travel with your TerraNew York coat?

Yurika: I travel a lot and always bring my Terra New York piece! Not only the coat but also the touch friendly pouch for the beach, ski slope, pool and city traveling.

Marie: Shangai, to walk at nightfall on the Bund.


CEO and co-founder of Terra New York: Marie Saeki.
Terra New York: The classic

Terra New York pre-lined coats in different patterns

They even make wellies!

Terra New York: Cropped military cape style

Terra New York: Cinched-waisted trench 
Terra New York: Winner of Travel and Leisure Awards for best design

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