Thursday, April 25, 2013

For my face...

NARS aqua gel

I ran out of moisturizer for the night time and decided to try this one from NARS. NARS cosmetics is owned by Shiseido so I expect their skincare line to be efficient and excellent. I have used the NARS' cleanser and lotion back in College but moved on to try other things. With the weather transition and my skin going through some weird phase whether it is weather related or from "purging" caused by my new Clarisonic, I thought this would be the perfect moisturizer to deal with my dry flaky skin (around the cheek area near my nose) though still getting some breakouts- yes, combination skin problems. This moisturizer keeps my skin plump and moist but I need to add extra cream where it is super dry. Maybe I should have tried the luminous moisturizer. I got it during F&F at Sephora at 15% discount + 5% cashback with ebates (thanks Viv for the tip!).

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  1. You're very welcome, now when I shop I'm trying to time everything with Ebates. Oh the alure of ebates.