Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In pictures: My Hugo Boss sample sale haul [Sample sale April 2013]

Hugo Boss T strap heels

Is this the sale I always stock up on shoes? Maybe. Last sale back in October, I bought three pairs, wore one, sold one (too big) and still waiting for Summer to come along to wear the sandals. And this time around... no comment. I'm actually having trouble fitting in the T strap now on my right side. At the sale, I was lazy and only tried it on my left feet...hmm. Stupid one feet bigger than the other crap!
The other shoes fit like a glove...for now! D didn't come with me this time to buy shirts but I did get him a new belt and ties! This sale was filled with agressive buyers like always...gotta grab fast! I learned that from the last sale!

More pictures ahead...

Pumps $60 each. Retails at $325+.

Perfect for Spring

Belts for his and her $20 each
Hugo Boss Ties $25 each
See more pictures I took on Sample Sally.

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