Friday, April 26, 2013

In pictures: Proenza Schouler sample sale [April 2013 NYC Sample sale]

This would be my second Proenza Schouler sample sale. This time, I was disappointed. First of all, NO leather BAGS to be had which is what I was most interested in! Second, NO $10-$15 sample tops and tees like at last year's sale. For the fans who loved the PS 2012 Fall collection (see runway pics here), they must have been ecstatic with the discount and plenty of stock but nothing exciting for the girl looking for deals (like me!). I pouted at the sales lady when she confirmed there would be indeed 0 leather bags..just tons of neoprene beach bags going for $125 a pop which NO one seem to care for. What I was surprised to see was belts and shoes which also did not peak too many people's interest. Did I see shoes last year? I think so but they were being hogged by some lady hoarder :) The shoes were decent and very nice but prices ranged from $140-$650.

I posted one of the price list they had for Pre Fall-Fall 2011 collection and the 2012 collections were at a higher going price. I saw runway leather jackets going for $1200+ and runway metallic skirts at $1075. RackedNY has better details about the pricing since I was too disappointed to take note of things I didn't care to buy. I did like these $50 Navajo printed skirts with leather trimming from Fall 2011 but the sizes seem ginormous even for size 6+ which occupied most of the racks. High waisted denim jeans were $75 in bins in the middle of the room. There were nice structured dresses and soft knits here and there but nothing excited me.

The sale was calm since they let in 15 people every 15 minutes. Below are some pictures I was able to take. Since no photos were allowed, the quality of the picture is ...what it is... :)

In blue and black

groovy..I think $600+?

White ones were $680

cool $1000+ metal skirts bling bling for your next party!

Oriental print dress $250

$75 jeans. 3 types in the size 27 bin. white, indigo and printed.

i liked this dress but it was big!
leather jacket
Wide bottom cobalt Top $140

$50 but in Size 6 and up +

Blurry dresses

i can't even remember what these were.,.skirts probably ;p

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  1. i went to the sample sale today and managed to scoop a skirt for $50 (size 8 for me, so i was lucky). i was also saddened by the fact there were no good bags other than those annoying neoprene ones and the denim. but i will keep my eye out for these sales, do you know when the next ps sample sale will be? thanks! love your blog!

    1. Last one was in August so maybe on in the summer? Follow RackedNy or Sample Sally as they always announce sample sale dates! See you at the next one ;)