Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nykeiko: Bride to be....weight

In robot voice: "I will weigh you...
This just in! My new scale!

After 3 years of not owning a scale, I finally purchased one! My last two weight reading was during my last two visits to the in January and the other in June last year...basically ever since moving to New York, I have never used a scale at home and consequently not knowing the weighty repercussion of enjoying too many Magnolia cupcakes or Shake Shack burgers. I admit, I feel it in my jeans and sometimes even in the tightness of my leggings just around the waist band...which is scary because they are the stretchiest things I own and that's when I know I am in "trouble"! Having a scale now will help me keep in check and reach a weight loss goal. Whatever that is...

I will not be starting a gym membership....

although the results will be much faster but I think with healthy eating and being more active in the Summer, I will be able to lose some pounds prior to my wedding date. I have a sweet tooth, salty tooth and a deep love for carbs. Wish me luck or...will power!

I need to set a goal. 5 lbs? 10 lbs?

OH, here is what I had for dinner last night at Clinton Street Baking company and restaurant. Crepes, crab cakes with colesaw and red potatoe fries, fried chicken ... and the night before, I made mac and cheese...and then I had dim sum and ramen over the weekend... ok, maybe next week I'll be good!

Clinton Street baking company famous blueberry pancakes with maple syrup!!

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  1. I know those pancakes well! Jealous!