Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pick a watch, any watch...until my dream watch comes along.

Some of you know that I thought about saving up for a fabu-tastic watch when I reach 30. I was thinking of something like a classic tank watch from Cartier but of course, then I thought I'm not making enough dough for that so kind of bling so it shall wait until I reach 50 or whatever age I could afford it.

Well, until then, I need to tie myself over until my dream watch. So far, my cell phone has been my time indicator ever since my previous watch I purchased 2 years ago "passed away" . Well, no more digging in my purse for my phone when I need to check the time or twisting my neck to see the time on someone else's watch or even asking a cute guy on the subway for the time. (I kid Dave... There are no cute guys ... but also, there's a digital clock on the subway...) Anyway, it is time for me to be able to tell time with a swift twist of my wrist. I purposely overused the word 'time' and wrote a tongue twister :)

I had to pick between these three watches today...

 Why Seiko? Because it sounds like Keiko, that's why. Oh yes, and they are made in Japan which is nice.

My previous watch was also a Seiko and it didn't last more than 2 years..I hope this one will last a little longer. I purchased it on sale at over 65% off but it's easy to find Seiko watches on sale. I like that Seiko employs Hardlex instead of crystal sapphire since I bang my arm on things ALL THE TIME and it's suppose to be more impact resistant! Also, I leaned towards the solar one because isn't it great never having to bring this baby to get the battery replaced every year or so? Well, you still have to replace the battery even if it's solar powered but like..every 5-10 years right?

It had to be gold and silver toned because I like to wear both type of metal and Roman numerals is always my preference. So based on my criterias, do you know which one I end up picking? I hope they are not too big...

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