Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time for random pics...

My new Clarisonic thing. I have never seen one in person and did not expect it to be this big. Day 1: Used it last night and this morning. My skin is still flaky but feels smooth right after I cleanse but then becomes rough again throughout the day and some skin flaking. The flaking started before I used Clarisonic though.  

The new Chanel lipsticks are nice. Click and it pops out. Love it. I originally wanted to buy this for my mom but I think she hasn't been into wearing red lately.. I might exchange it. This color is coral/red which I think suits her best.
I also bought my first powder foundation EVER which I hope will help set my foundation better when I DO decide to wear some makeup.

While browsing Lord and Taylor, I saw Deborah Lipmann's nail polish set for the hit tv show 'Girls'. What a gimmick. I hope no one buys this.

The day the Boston bombing occured. The number of men in uniform increased ten fold in busy places such as Grand Central.

A picture of the Plaza as I walked by on a warm sunny afternoon.

I pet mister (or miss) blue whale at the Natural History Museum. It is the largest living mammal on the planet!

Sun bathing turtles by the Bow bridge in Central park. Guess what i named them? Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello annnd... hehe. I make myself laugh.

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