Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday in the park [what to do in NY-Central Park]

I took in some sun this past weekend and so did thousands of people and cute dogs who swarmed Central Park. We did some exploring and walked within Central Park from 96 th street all the way down to 59 th..We took pictures, climbed trees like monkeys and even made a quick stop on to the Natural History Museum. We wanted to check out the new whale exhibit but the tickets for the exhibit were already sold out when we got there late in the afternoon. Back in the park, I was tempted on three occasions to buy ice cream from the many vendors around the park and there was even a 'Waffels and Dinges' cart with a discouraging long wait! We also visited the Bow Bridge, walked down the Mall and ended at the Pond facing the Plaza. It was beautiful and perfect!

And for the first time..
we tried the 'Seeing Central Park Audio Tour' using Dial and Discover. You just dial the number displayed on the signs posted at different points in the Park. Sarah Jessica Parker tells you a little history about the Pond, Kevin Bacon talks about celebrity joggers around the Reservoir, Yoko Ono about the Strawberry Fields. It is pretty neat if you're not worried about cell phone minutes!


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