Monday, May 6, 2013

I need help?

I'm always looking down. Since I've had my iPhone maybe a little over a year and a half ago, I have been told many times that I always have my head down looking at... my iPhone. Especially from the older colleagues who do not have this addiction and cannot comprehend why my iPhone is so fascinating to look at 24/7.

While walking, I check my messages. While relaxing on the couch, I check my phone. As if I get hundreds of emails every minute or something (which I don't!). Because of my own addiction, I tell myself that I won't let my kids own a phone until they absolutely need to. Because of that, I get frustrated when other people can't let their phone down during a meal especially when they are out with someone. I for one, DO try to put my phone away during a meal unless I'm taking pictures of my food which is also something that bothers me about myself. They make fun of people who can't enjoy a meal without taking picture. My own boyfriend makes fun of me so I'm just really good at taking pictures quickly now so he can dig in as quickly as possible.

I have to make a conscious decision and grandiose will power to for not one second, look down at my phone.

I need help? Yup!

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