Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In pictures: Looking for bridal shoes at the Jimmy Choo sample sale [May 2013 NYC sample sale]

Hello, here's me sharing way too much about my wedding stuff haha....

Jimmy Choo sample sale shoes size 36

In my pursuit for trying to stay WAY under budget for my wedding, I decided to check out the Jimmy Choo sample sale to find my very own bridal shoes! I wanted to splurge on my wedding shoes since I didn't splurge at all on my wedding dress but with designer shoes going at $500-1000 a pop, I had to accept the fact that I probably would not be splurging on a pair of $1000 shoes for my one special day! I was also going to check out the Manolo Blahnik sale but alas, I am leaving for a trip to Canada tomorrow which is when the sale would have been opened to the public. Oh well. So, the only sale I can go to this time is the Jimmy Choo sale. I thought of going on the first day and battle it out with the crowd but then I still wasn't too keen on paying $250 for bridal shoes. SO, I decided that I wait it out and go on the second day where rumor has it (Adele song in my head. now!) that extra discounts were to be had (disappointedly, there were no discounts when I went at 11 in the morning).

I spotted these evening sandals somewhere amongst the sea of shoes on RackedNY's Jimmy Choo sample sale report.

I had my eyes on them when I saw a fellow blogger wear them on her wedding day. They seem perfect as they were not too high and may be less painful to wear for longer hours and also match the various dresses I would be wearing throughout our wedding reception (which I have not picked up yet! yikes). The sandals retail at $550 so I was hoping to snatch them at the sale for $250 plus whatever discounts were going to be offered. Well, there were no discounts when I went this morning but sorta lucky for me, I got them for only $75 for being mismatched in size which is no biggie because I have mismatched feet sizes anyway :)

via Jimmy Choo

Here are some other shoes I spotted and thought could be perfect for a bride. They were unfortunately NOT in my size. Most of the white satin shoes were in pretty bad shape as they were scuffed, damaged or dirty which would have turned me off from buying at $250 even if I did find some in my size.

Jimmy Choo bridal shoes $250

Purrrty for wedding
I tried these ones in 37.5 and 38 but they were not very comfy at all.

Honestly, these feathered sandals looked weird at first but they looked so nice on everyone who tried them on! Next time, I'll give the weird shoes a chance too since by the time I saw someone try them on, there were no more in my size. 

OH yea, then there was a Bonpoint sample sale on the 5th floor where I thought of my future niece so I checked it out.
I saw these cuties at 60% off.

OH YEA, and not too far away, there was the Rebekka Minkoff sample sale. I was contemplating this white Mini M.A.C priced at $125...

or this...

Rebekka Minkoff sample sale- extra buttery brown mini mac

....but end up getting nothing because there were tons of them left and probably tons of women who bought them already on top of seeing them all over the city all the time which left me with no desire for them anymore. Snob!

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  1. Oo ooo! What dress did you get?!

    1. Something really really really simple!!

    2. Can't go wrong with simple!
      Though... I was secretly hoping you'd end up with a fancy Alexander McQueen ;)

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