Thursday, May 30, 2013

June a coming...+ random thoughts

June is looking busy for many reasons...

My daily brain ADD:

-Between preparing for a wedding and looking for a new home.... yesterday, I choose between shopping for a wedding guestbook and checking out an open house in Downtown Brooklyn. The open house won because my Google Offer coupon for Paper Presentation expires May 31. This Saturday, we will be checking out another open house with probably over 100 people in attendance.
NY Open houses are like big house parties where everyone's invited...

-We have been trying to cut down on meat lately...specifically red meat...just because, it's suppose to be good for you. It is hard when you live with a meat lover boyfriend.

-I did a free yoga class yesterday but didn't enjoy it. It was that or a free self-defense class in the East village. It was rainy and ugly out so I felt too lazy to venture so far.

-My boss' birthday is in two weeks. I need to top last year's gift which was a simple mug which he loves. He has showed it off at multiple lab meetings knowing very well we have seen it multiple times. I paid $26 at the time for the mug at a MOMA is now under $10 on Amazon.

-I still have to find a gift for Mother's Day and ship it. I will probably make will be worth it!

-Going to purchase Broadway tickets for Wicked in October. Talk about early planning but then I can get Orchestra seats for $85..that's 50% off.

-Hosting a birthday party for Dave's cousin in our tiny apartment this weekend. Portable lawn chairs for our guests.

-Electrolytement event next Wednesday. Water acrobats, food and of course, water!

-Cake tasting next Thursday...but knowing very well, we won't be able to afford their lovely cakes. Might as well do something fun for our wedding right? They say cake tasting is the best part...unless you don't like cake then that's too bad.

-An impromptu trip to Montreal in two weeks for a bachelorette party organized by my lovely cat loving sister. She is really excited about which makes me feel so loved. Even though I don't have any bridesmaids for my wedding, having sisters is like having a Maid of Honor by default!

That is all....

oh yea..and we ate this after the open house last night... didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. Thank god it was still an undeveloped embryo since I've had some Vietnamese type balut where you're practically eating a baby chick (Don't Google balut!)..but I was younger and didn't think care so much about animals...

Pinoy boiled duck egg #balut at Uminom Bed-Stuy

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  1. Boy, you do have a lot on your plate. I feel like I just saw you at B's wedding and now May is over.