Sunday, May 19, 2013

nykeiko: Bride to under procrastination

with beautiful bride in Montreal xx

After attending yet another gorgeous perfect wedding in Montreal, I felt inspired to do a little more for my own. However, that motivation/inspiration came to an abrupt halt when we went back to work from our mini Canada trip. Dave had been working overtime almost every single day and I have been finishing later than usual catching up on some work. We were exhausted...

Over the weekend, we had full (semi-full) intention to work on some wedding stuff such as some wedding decors, look at more wedding bands and watch Iron Man 3 (break from wedding stuff) but nothing happened at all...almost. The spray painting project failed as the color I wanted didn't come out as expected and then it started raining and we could only spray paint outside.  We did go out for a bit to the craft's store for more crafty stuff and then I decided to get a pedicure just a couple of blocks away from the apartment. I haven't gotten a pedi since last Summer and I have decided that I will be getting a pedicure every 2-3 weeks to assure sandal perfect feet when wedding day comes. These cracked heels cannot be immortalized in pictures in my new Jimmy Choos. Iron Man 3 was sold out.

I did manage to do some online shopping. I took advantage of the Friends and Family 20% sale on and got a new Kevyn Aucoin mascara since I ran out last week and to top it for free shipping, I got some Tatcha evening blotting paper (based on this review from Viv) for the Summer. I haven't purchased blotting paper since I moved here from Taiwan but this will be useful for wedding day (wedding wedding wedding, it's all I think about!). I forgot about a $45 store credit so my total was actually $0 (How can I forget about this money?!). I also purchased a facial at Soho's Red and White Spa through Lifebooker where there's an extra 20% off deals so my 60 minutes facial cost $31. Yes, it will be used to prep my face wedding.

Next week, we do have an appointment with a wedding center to look at their rental dresses. I'll try to finally make a decision on a wedding band and if weather permits, we'll finish some decors we have for the wedding. RSVPs are pouring in and I'm nervous about table seatings. I think picking the right people to sit with each other for the entire evening will change the entire dynamic of the guests' happiness at our wedding reception! It's true, we probably do not know 3/4 of the guests that are attending since it's mostly Dave's parents friends and family so we only need to partially worry about table seatings.

The to-do list is somewhat long and we're slowly tackling it... Now it is only two months away, so we must get crackin'! Procrastination will not be an option ...but I work best under pressure so maybe I can wait a bit hehe.

-Table cards?
-Party favors?
- ...barf. happy thoughts!

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