Friday, May 17, 2013

Lulu Frost sample sale [May 2013 NYC sample sale]

Here's my review of the sale for RackedNY.

This is a piece that caught my eye right away but thought I won't have a chance to wear it with anything but what was I thinking?! It could match with anything dressy! It's too late to get it now however, I was suppose to look for a statement necklace anyway which I didn't even get at the sale because I was too distracted by other shiny things... I did get some bridal jewelry...well, jewelry that can be fit for a bride which I hope I'll still want to wear when wedding day approaches. I already picked up a pair of Judith Leiber baguette crystal drop earrings which I was also hoping to wear too...hmm.. should I make an earring change with every dress change?

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