Thursday, May 23, 2013

VPL: Love or Hate?

VPL bras

I have been wanting to try VPL sports bras for quite some time now. I like the colorblock colors and style of the bras and I'm all for wearing sports bra daily which I should probably do more often! My friend Thao says VPL bras are the most comfortable bra ever but at $95, I couldn't digest it. At $25 each at a sale, better. I finally got to try them on and turns out their signature style, the Insertion bras were not made for my frame no matter how I want them to! The straps dig right into my pits in size S while size M made the bra run a bit too big for my boobies. Some of the bra styles fit well such as the Bisectional bra in M and yes, they are super comfy. I could barely feel them on even though the material isn't silk or anything which made it odd that they can be comfy! But they don't look as cool as the Insertion ones...

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  1. Hi! Your write-up intrigued me and I visited VPL today (I am always looking and failing at finding comfortable bras). They had very few $25. bras left. I tried on an insertion bra that kind of fit, but the strap had a defect (wouldn't lay flat), so it was difficult to tell. I liked the colors, but I don't think it did that much for me. I prob should have tried on a non-sale/non-defective one for size, but they didn't seem worth $95. and the sales person wasn't exactly oozing with charm.