Tuesday, June 18, 2013

J Crew sample sale is a bust for me but exciting for others! [June sample sale NYC]

J. Crew embellished necklaces

I have knowledge about the craziness of the J.Crew sample sales and I was quite excited to finally have the chance to check it out this week at the VIP preview. I was underwhelmed. I thought the selection was pretty decent but the pricing was not exciting for me. For example, $90 for a cashmere sweater? $100 for heels? I know I have been able to score better deals during J. Crew/Madewell seasonal sales when there are additional markdowns on sale items. When something grabbed my attention, I was immediately turned off by the price for most of the pieces. Even $15 tank tops were NOT a good deal to me. If I found a piece I liked but it was not in my size, I didn't know if there were more somewhere else or that was the last item so didn't even bother digging.

You'll still be able to find some deals but you have to dig and also have done your research since the original retail prices are not posted and you really don't know how much you're saving. Some dresses were worth the $60 or $300 (collection brand) price tag but some were definitely not. Some of the nicer silk blouses or silk tops were around $90 and I was utterly turned off especially when I found better silk pieces at half the price at the past Equipment/Joie sample sale.

Furthermore, though you were able to find some desirable pieces, there were no fitting rooms at this sale to try them. No biggie. Just dress accordingly. I also took a peak at the shoes selection where prices started at $10 for flip flops and up to $130 for booties which were sparse. I think I found 3 boots in size 7s. I didn't find any seasonal, nubucks or winter boots in my size that were priced at $35 which would have been a steal. Cute heels and flats dominated the shoes section. I had no idea all J Crew shoes were Italy made so they felt very comfy and soft. I thought the best deals and selection were the jewelry ($25 bracelets, $35 necklaces), swimwear ($25 a piece), jeans ($40) and cotton/linen/wool sweaters ($35).

Same as retail price AND someone else's monograms! wth

One item that completely turned me off at the sale was something I had actually wanted to purchase online from J.Crew a while back. It's a passport holder with an option to have a personalized monogram. Well, I saw one at the sale sold at the same price as retail at $45 (actually cheaper online for the citrus color which is on sale). On top of that, someone's initials were already embossed on it. That was obviously an oversight and probably no one will buy that piece. So, do your research before going and check online prices first as you may be able to find better deals there!

Although I didn't have a good time at the sale, my friend did and bought a true sample top, a sweater, matching necklace and bracelet and a headband, all under $200. Other girls at the sale were really excited too and had an armful of pieces to try on in front of the small floor mirror for trying on shoes. So give it a go if your nearby!

J Crew sample sale: Nice Italy made shoes. Most were $65 and $100

J Crew sample sale: All types of styles, colors and textures

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll pass.

  2. That's disappointing about the JCREW sample sale. Thanks so writing up a great review