Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: J'aime Rodarte, Je déteste Rodarte sample sale [June samplesale NYC 2013]

Rodarte sample sale

I checked out the Rodarte sample sale this morning and was not too impressed by the selection though I don't think Rodarte's too much of my style. I was just interested in the tees and sweaters really. The girls who were shopping at the same time as me were trying on many items of clothes and seemed to be very happy with their finds and purchases! 

I RSVPed to the sale the moment I heard about it and got an email response from Andy one day before the sale. I replied to ask about which room was the sale held at but did not hear back. I got to Ace hotel about 30 minutes before the start of the sale (10 a.m.) and did not know where to go when I arrived. So I went up to the concierge where the girls said they would let people up at 10 a.m. sharp but wouldn't tell me which room it was held. When it was about 5 minutes before 10, I decided to ask the concierge again about the room number so that I could at least start getting in line. For some reason, she told me that they would start letting people up at 10:10 a.m. and for me to wait ...So, I just waited in the lobby with what I thought were other confused shoppers or hotel guests lounging around the lobby. Then, around 5 past 10, a couple of girls that were waiting like me went up to concierge again and then briskly walked towards a back elevator (not generally used by guests) to go up to room 611. I quickly followed them and gave the concierge a dirty look (though she didn't see me). That was annoying she told me 10:10..anyway.... Good thing there were no mob and only 6-7 of us went up first. They let in the first 5 people.  At around 10:30, there were about 15-20 people in line. 

In the small hotel room, there were three racks in total filled with skirts, pants, tops and dresses. One rack had Rodarte's collection (ready to wear or runway pieces), another rack with Rodarte collaborations (mostly with Opening Ceremony and I also saw some pieces with Target) and then the third rack was actually just in a closet with a very small selection rack of men's stuff on the right side when you first walk in.

The goods? Lots of Rodarte x Opening ceremony goods and leftovers from previous sample sales maybe?? Similar shoes from what I can see...

There were the bins of Rodarte + OC exclusive sweatshirts/sweaters ($80) and tees ($60) organized by size and another bin with Rodarte + OC wool sweaters ($50).The rack with collaboration included bikinis and silk lace tops for Target with ORIGINAL price tags of $19.99. I didn't ask how much was the sample sale price but I would imagine 50% off? So the cheapest items would start at $10. Other tops were $50 and elaborate dresses for $100 +. I don't think I'm a Rodarte kinda gal because nothing caught my eye except the sweaters. I didn't even bother looking through the collection stuff since I guessed it would still be unaffordable. There was one handbag from what I can see (see picture).

All shoes at the sale were sitting on a round table and windowsill and were priced at only $50. The about 20 pairs of shoes were all from Rodarte + OC and all in size 7. Cool funky black sweaters adorned with silver chains on the cashier's desk were priced at $1,200. There was also a knee length boot which I don't think was $50. 

Click to see a couple of picture below. No picture were allowed so I didn't take too many!

Rodarte collab rack

These boots were not $50

Rodarte sweaters and tee bin
$50 shoes...blurry pic...oops

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  1. Oh no, this sounds like a horrible experience. It must have been crammed. Did you buy anything? I'm usually the type who will not buy anything out of principal for crap service but sometimes I'm torn by the oh I really want this.