Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bling factor

From left to right: Jewelmint (worn twice), Alexis Bittar, Judith Leiber, Lulu Frost (all never worn YET)...

I have always been attracted to high bling jewelry. Not necessarily diamonds but crystals and glass will do..just not beads! When we were young (and last time we saw each other in Taiwan years ago), my cousin and I were always looking for shiny things to buy during our Taiwan night markets shopping sprees. We were almost having anxiety attacks when we discovered and shopped in a Taiwan jewelry district where actual vendors purchase their bling at wholesale prices! Now, I still like blingy* things but not so much wearing them. I still love them so I end up with many impulse purchases but with full intention of wearing them however, I rarely or never do! I see girls on the street wear their flashy statement pieces easily paired with a simple tees and jeans looking so glam and easy-going. I am inspired to wear it like them but then, most days, I don't feel like being too flashy. Nowadays, the only opportunity for me to dress up is sadly just for weddings. I have attended many weddings since moving to New York (I think my number is now 7?), I usually just end up wearing the same pieces over and over it is really my fault I neglect most of my jewelries at time. This will change. I will make an effort to not be too shy to wear something flashy even if it's just going out to grab a bite.

*how many words can you make up with the word BLING!

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