Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The last of New Amsterdam market ??...

New Amsterdam Market in South Street Seaport
Last year, the New Amsterdam Market was held weekly at South Street Seaport. This year, they only had a one-day-only event and it was held this past Sunday. We were lucky to not have missed it because coincidentally, we made an appointment to meet White Pike Whiskey's brand manager Steven for a tasting at the market. White Pike was the only distillery company there and was really popular. They sold out within the first couple of hours.

We got to taste plenty of great locally-made treats. From fresh sourdough breads to homemade hand pies, ceviche tacos, maple syrup, dried grapes, fresh cherries, handmade beef jerkies, freshly churned yogourt and lots more..this market had over 70 vendors for this one-day only event and everything was fresh. Many vendors sold out of stuff quickly not anticipating the popularity of this market! If you missed out, it's okay. This is the first event to kick off a monthly series of food events happening at this South Street Seaport spot under the FDR right with the Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop. I am sure some of the same vendors will make an appearance once more. Some are also present weekly at the ever popular Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.

During our stroll and getting to know all the interesting vendors, we spotted this cute Shiba Inu staring intensively for a very long time at a grill cooking delicious hamburgers. Waiting for something to be dropped I'm sure. We stared and laughed at him for the longest time as well. We're definitely dog people but can't commit to having our own....yet!

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