Sunday, June 23, 2013

There was a bachelorette party part 1 of 3...

Can you guess what we did?

Yep, one person was in art major...

A nude model drawing bachelorette party!

Although my sister came up with this brilliant idea all on her own, it is not as unique as we had thought. A few Google search results show that several companies out there organize nude model drawing for bachelorette parties. My sister wanted my bachelorette to stay classy and tasteful but still include some type of male nudity. She gets full props for thinking of this idea all on her own and approaching an art center in Montreal with the idea. I personally never heard anyone do this before!

The art center did it right by showing my sister some pictures first of a couple of models (without the face) she could pick for my party. Because she was unable to pick her eye-candy of choice, the girls were slightly disappointed that the model was older than expected and not "hot". However, we all agreed that he was an excellent choice. There was no distractions, blushing and he had the perfect body for drawing. With well defined pectorals and good muscle definitions to challenge us. The model is actually a professional and is often hired for art classes. I'd love to show you pictures of our model but we were advised not to post any online for the model's privacy. You can deduce his look a little from all our awesome drawings.

If you're interested in doing this fun amazing party for your next BFF's bachelorette bash, I would seriously recommend it. I was able to find a company in New York who does this for a business and their models are natural eye candies for bachelorette giggles. It is free for brides and comes with champagne and treats! Check out The Artful Bachelorette! I personally preferred our party as it felt more tasteful and there was minimal interaction with the model which was a good thing for me. It felt like a real art class where we used charcoal and several art tools we were taught to use and we were also able to do several types of drawing methods. Some of my friends whom declared themselves as artless souls did so so so well. We were all so surprised and proud of ourselves! My sister also organized a tea/coffee party afterwards to compare and discuss our drawings but we just ended up all eating cupcakes and cookies instead :)

My bachelorette party did not end here... Once I get some more pictures from a photographer yes, a photographer, I'll show you part 2 and 3 of the party my superb sister organized for moi! :)

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  1. I'm so curious about the part 2 and 3. Hints? I think now a day the trend is moving away from the typical bachelorette party. We organized a private cooking class for B after some pampering.