Monday, June 10, 2013

Wedding band shopping was suppose to be fun....

This post is a long rambling about my search for my perfect wedding band. You have been warned.

via Tacori

As the big day approaches, I am now searching for my wedding band. I had to delete an entire post because I was going on and on about wondering which band I should pick this past weekend. I was determined to finalize a design over the weekend so I went to Michael C Fina where I sent my sale consultant a couple of rings and customization ideas. I came out picking a ring completely opposite to anything I have looked at before.  I cannot wait to see it in person. It was risky for me to pick a ring that I didn't try in person yet right?

We had begun looking for wedding bands the moment we set a date for our wedding months ago and seemed too early to look. I thought I had all the time in the world. Since then, I had visited over 5 jewelers and emailed a couple more to discuss some custom options or simply just picking one from the bunch they have in stores. I had all these ideas for customizing my ring however, none of them came to reality because I was never happy with my own stupid ideas. Putting a lone sapphire stone in an diamond eternity band was weird or putting both Dave's and my birthstone together seemed like a great idea but that did not work out esthetically at all. I was so keen on this birthstone idea that I kind of lost sight of what would look nice. I finally gave it up and pursued the idea of baguette and round diamonds when I first spotted one on Etsy. Turns out, it is not such an unique design. I thought it was a rare handmade Etsy breed. Finally, I tried a couple of those styles on and somehow, it made my hands look 50 years old and I don't even know how to explain that.  So, I gave that and customization up completely and started looking at plain matching eternity bands which I was avoiding since the very beginning. I then stopped stressing about finding a band because I would just fall back on this safe eternity style band if I could not fall in love with anything else. To me, eternity bands are oh so boring but would match my engagement ring oh so perfectly. Why wouldn't I want it?

As I obsessed over wedding band designs, I started wondering why it mattered so much. I realize that although I don't believe in marriage in general and that two people can spend the rest of their lives loving each other with or without writing it on paper, I believed in this one. The one that I will be in. The one where I know who I am choosing to spend the rest of my life with and finally check off that married box in the forms. Dave's my lobster. I need a symbol of our marriage to remind me of our union to foreverland.

I learned last week that most jewelers take two weeks off in July except big brands such as Tiffany's, Cartier, Harry Winston etc. I realized that I was on a bit of a time crunch to get my ring ordered, made and done before my wedding at the end of July.  After visiting many private jewelers to make a quality no-brand custom ring, I decided that I would stick with Tacori to match the quality and craftsmanship of my engagement ring which is a Tacori (just the band).  Tacori is also one of the brands where the jewelers do not go on vacation and will be able to make my ring on time. I also didn't have a budget anymore. My 1-2 K budget was totally out the door! It was now all about 'it's worth it if I love it'. But Dave's pretty lucky that I'm still pretty reasonable...  :)

Now it is Dave's turn to 'put a ring on it'. He is a bit relaxed about the "process" because he thinks his band will be simple and so, it won't take time to make..he is wrong. I also think that he will have a hard time picking a ring because now that he has to commit to it...but nothing is scarier than committing to me I think. I cannot be returned nor refunded though. I don't know how he picked out my engagement ring with such ease...I always have a hard time picking just one. Thus, sometimes, I'll have two of the same thing but in different colors...

My ring should arrive by end of June... I hope I will love it because frankly, I'm tired of ring shopping.



  1. Dave will be fine. Guys are simple! I had a very ornate design that I wanted to use for my wedding band (Tacori too-- go figure) but decided against it. I ended up at a Chinatown jeweler and found a simple band-- made the decision in ten minutes. Check check check.

    1. He'd still like it to be unique and special though! He's not looking into Tacori though..that's only for me me me