Wednesday, July 24, 2013

@Brooklyn flea...two celeb spottings!

We passed by Brooklyn Flea this past Sunday so Dave could find a nice vintage cufflink for the wedding. We got there just when vendors finished setting up for the day and people start trickling in. As I admired a nice flow-y sundress, I noticed Melissa McCarthy shopping inside the tent and I got super excited. I took a paparazzi shot of her because I didn't want to bug her peaceful first.

I contemplated on this dress for a while whilst stalking was $70

When I finally got the gut to offer her an iced cold drink, I couldn't find her anymore in the growing crowd or she might have left. Soon after I gave up looking for her, we spot Kim Schifino from Matt & Kim. This time, I didn't want the chance to slip by and I immediately went up to her to chat. She was with her parents and I apologized for bugging them but they seemed chill and her mom even offered to take a picture for us. Dave is a big fan of Matt&Kim so he was super excited ...can you tell from this picture?

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