Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dutch Kills - Speakeasy bar - Long Island City

Dutch Kills bar with a kitchen

A little bit of drinking before our wedding next week isn't such a bad idea.

We checked out a well-established bar in Long Island City the other day called 'Dutch Kills'. Like any Speakeasy bar, it is inconspicuous and the only indication that there was a bar behind those doors was a neon "Bar" light. It was quite busy on a Saturday night and we sat by the bar and our bartender's name was Brandon. We both ordered the "Bartender's choice" since by experience, the drinks always taste superb. Dave wanted something spicy (traditional spicy) with whiskey while I told my bartender that I like gimlet (gin, sugar and lime juice) and to play off that. My drink was called 'Debutante'. I just remember he mentioned 5 different ingredients including grenadine and it was delicious. Dave's drink was super spicy and different. We both enjoyed our drinks but as an almost 30 year old, the place was too loud for me and I wanted to go home right after. We did not stay for another drink which is lame I know.

Dutch Kills takes pride in using the finest spirits, ingredients and even mentions the superior caliber of ice they use. We noticed the crystal clear ice right way and making clear ice is actually a science and not easily achieved.

This would be my first Speakeasy bar in New York.

Our Bartender's choice drinks

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