Tuesday, July 23, 2013

nykeiko eats: Bride to be....Dieting, the DKA and ice cream smores!

A recent snapshot of us..

Back in April, I got myself a brand new scale. My goal was simply to lose 5 lbs to look less plump for our wedding pictures. The scale was just to give me a clue about my weight. I weighed about 125 lbs, I think. I should have recorded my weight because I have no clue now. I wasn't really motivated to lose anything at that point. And then, in May, I tried on some rental dresses (for the reception) and there was one evening gown I liked but was too tight on me...so, that was my second goal. To fit into that rental dress because I refused to buy a new one. I was somehow still not losing much weight since I was eating chocolates, chips and all carbs. Came end of June, I tried the dress again and was the same. Too tight. That's when I got serious and started to cut unhealthy snacks and sweets out of my life and most importantly, portion control. With that alone, I was able to shed a couple of pounds. Lately, I have been able to shed more pounds and now down to 118 lbs. I'm very much not starving myself and still not exercising regularly so I probably want to thank the heat outside and sweating profusely when I step out. Since I'm doing so well, my goal is now to go back to the same weight I was when I was in my early 20s before I hit 30 in a couple of months. 115 lbs.

Now, my wedding diet...I have no advice for diets here.

I do have many "cheat" days...actually, I can't really say cheat days when I'm not really on a strict diet. My parents are visiting and I practically ate out for a whole week last week! We ate them all... Korean, Italian, Chinese, Japanese food...all carbs galore.
This morning, I treated myself to these two creations from Dominique Ansel's bakery for breakfast. The 'Dominique's Kaign Amann' and his latest creation, the Frozen S'more. Yikes! I actually got a tummy ache!

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