Tuesday, July 2, 2013

nykeiko: Bride to be....Poofy pretty flowers [Bouquet]

More than a week ago, I met with Gilian for a wedding bouquet consultation at a flower shop called Rose, Red and Lavender. One of the reasons I picked this place was because the store is just a couple of blocks from our apartment so it will be convenient for me to pick up the flowers before our ceremony. I'm all about practicality! They were also recently featured in an article on RackedNY about non-conventional indie wedding ideas. An indie/hipster wedding is not what I'm striving for but it can't hurt to be different and set our wedding apart from this cookie cutter wedding world.  We are not first time customers at Rose, Red and Lavender. We have dropped by the store a couple of times before to look at their various array of houseplants, succulents, fruit trees and flowers! I was surprised to see them in the wedding feature. I never would have thought that this little shack-like store can spawn such beautiful bouquets.

When I arrived to my appointment, I had absolutely no clue what I wanted. Gilian showed me a couple of pictures from their facebook's albums and then Googled some images of flowers she thought would be nice for my bouquet. I was inspired. I don't have a bridal party so all I need is just one super fluffly pretty unique bouquet for my special day to have and to hold. Here are the pictures we will inspire from to create my perfect wedding bouquet. Let me tell you, my bouquet won't be thrown into a bunch of single ladies during the wedding reception...hehe...It's just TOO PRETTY and I'm selfish and I want to keep it all to myself for weeks and it's just... too expensive. haha...hmm

And yes, Dave will be getting a matching boutonnier as well..

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