Friday, July 12, 2013


Tacori engagement band
My engagement ring just got buffed yesterday and it will safely be stowed away in its little blue box somewhere until wedding picture day! All the scratches are gone and it looks brand spankin' new. Did I tell you that I scratched it pretty badly within 4 days of getting engaged? Dave was sooooo not happy about that. We went hiking at Breakneck Ridge the same week we got engaged and we didn't know the first part of the hike involved an hour of climbing up boulders. I was too scared to keep it in my pocket and so I tried hard not to use my ring finger to climb. It didn't work. I still did a number on the ring..the scratches were so bad it felt rough and sharp...oops. Dave expected my ring to be scratched up but not within the first week and not that roughly! Rock and platinum is not a good combo guys. Anyway, it is all gone now and there is no evidence of my mistreatment!

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