Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hawaii, I might love you...


Our Hawaiian vacation has taken terms of planning that is. We're jetting outta New York on August 30th! Hotels are booked and now we're down to the nitty gritty on WHAT TO SEE, EAT and DO!

At first, we had no idea how many Hawaiian islands there were or which ones we would want to dip our feet in. The first question that people asks us, after we tell them Hawaii is our honeymoon destination, is "which islands are you visiting?" to which I usually answer with a blank look. But now with a little bit of Wiki-ing, I know that there are about 8 islands and we're visiting 3 of them. We're staying in Oahu for 3 days, 6 days in Kauai and finally 7 days on the Big Island.

In Oahu, we will be renting a master bedroom in someone's beautiful condo right smack in the middle of the island which makes traveling to every corner of the island a breeze. We're looking forward to visiting the North Shore for some surfing, Turtle Bay for some turtle encounters and grab some famous Matsumoto Shave Ice. We will be sure to visit Honolulu for a split second where its bustling with restaurants and clubs and then go on to do some peaceful snorkeling in beautiful Hanauma Bay. I don't know what else we will be doing but I feel like we're just going to wing it.

We then head to Kauai and there, we spoiled ourselves by staying at the Grand Hyatt which was only the smartest decision since we got a Friends & Family rate. Plus, since it's our honeymoon, we should stay somewhere fancier non? Our hotel plan for the Big Island is the Marriott but maybe we'll look into renting something more cozy or local.

This is a must-see coast in Kauai...The Napali coast.
The famous Manawaiapuna falls which is popularly know as the Jurassic Park Falls (the scene where they first landed on the island and Sam Neill had to tie his belt because he couldn't buckle his seatbelt properly..haaa)...The helicopter ride to bring you there is going to cost you an arm and maybe a leg $$$$.
Now, I just have to plan some snorkeling trips while in Kauai and maybe a helicopter ride in the Big Island and call it a day! Also, we need to look for all the delicious restaurants we have heard about but still need to find. Any suggestions? The rest of the time we'll lounge by the beach and not think about home or checking my iPhone...

With only 11 days away..I cannot wait!!!!

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