Friday, August 2, 2013

I love me a good wedding photo booth! [Magnolia photo booth] #hsinianddavid

Magnolia photobooth Co. #hsinianddavid

I was so happy to have had Magnolia photo booth at our venue for our wedding reception. I think everyone had a good time in the booth and everyone's pictures looked soooo GOOD! Great props? Flawless skin? Four different poses? YES! YES! YES!

I'm so glad we went with Magbooth. At first, we wanted to save some money and so we looked at different options out there. Compared to 3-4 real photo booths that would work with our budget (I emphasize real because many "photo booths" are really just a fancy camera set up in front of a curtain + printer and not a true physical photo booth), we decided to stretch our wallets a little and get the one we really loved which was Magnolia and my first choice.  Honestly, the photo booth doubled as entertainment and our wedding favors for our party of 320+ guests and if the pictures turned out great, then our guests are most likely to keep it for themselves. I've personally tucked away many wedding photo booth pics because they were not flattering at all.

The whole process of getting the photo booth was easy. We were able to design the banner on the photo strips with the help of their in-house graphic designer. Some last minute changes we wanted to do with the font was not applied but no biggie since everybody is looking at their pictures anyway and not the banner! Aaron was our photo booth attendant for 4 hours that night (sorry you were not fed!) and he even let us start earlier since he was able to set up quickly. Even with the extra time, some of my friends did not get a chance to get into the booth but that's our fault for not warning them that the booth was shutting down at 11 p.m. We opted out of getting a photo album but got our CD with pictures yesterday! Thank you Magbooth!

My only regret is not having the time to get into that photobooth more myself! I guess some is better than none! Enjoy!

Some of my coworkers totally taking advantage of the booth's props!

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  1. Luv this idea of a photo booth, you're seem so much cooler than the one's I have seen!