Sunday, August 4, 2013

Married for a week....How do you feel?

Popular post wedding question: How do you feel? How is the married life?

I am still not quite sure how to answer that question politely except by answering with "same old, same old". I knew things or feelings would not change once Dave and I get married because in my head, I was already in a committed relationship and wasn't planning on going anywhere. Basically, committed without a marriage certificate saying so.  Dave and I have already been living together for over 3 years now and so there was no dramatic change in lifestyle. In fact, the night of our wedding, I was staying in a hotel with my sister while Dave was back at our apartment. No biggie. My boss joked: "You do not live in (h)sin anymore!"...honestly, I don't know many traditional couples nowadays. Most couples I know have lived together or even had kids before getting married.

What I feel right now is mostly relief. Relief that wedding planning is no longer our daily priority and then maybe I feel a bit different because I get to wear a new gorgeous wedding band :) One thing is for sure. I feel more loved because we got to spend some time with friends and family who have traveled from afar to celebrate with us. I cannot stop thinking about how I wish I had more time to talk to each and every person that night but based on every experienced bride I have spoken to, having the time to enjoy the wedding is a big challenge. With that being said, I am so so glad we also had a small ceremony the day before where we were joined by no more than 36 of our closest friends and family. We would have wanted more people but keeping it small is key to a more intimate and quiet wedding where everyone could enjoy themselves.

instagram pic by Bah1ra  #hsinianddavid

Our ceremony was held in Central Park. We asked everyone to meet us at a lovely gazebo by the picturesque Bow bridge at 1 pm sharp. The weather was seriously the most perfect weather we have had all summer especially after the intense heat wave and thunderstorms just a month ago. A couple of days before, they were predicting rain on our wedding day. I was so thankful beyond belief that everyone would be able enjoy this wonderful weather in the heart of Central Park with us.

Norman, our newly officiated officiant, did an amazing job keeping the ceremony light and humorous! We asked Dave's cousin to officiate for us and couldn't have picked a better person to share our special day. Not having to drag everyone to city hall is also a perk! We didn't say our vows to each other during the ceremony but I had a lot to say to Dave and decided to tell him privately later during the week.

Here's one cheesy pose for the cameras:
Norman's head sprouting from Dave's back 

Following the ceremony, we took group photos in the gazebo with the bridge as our backdrop. We then headed to the Plaza hotel for afternoon tea. Most people walked the 13 street blocks with us in the park where we constantly received congratulatory cheers by strangers. We even came across some street performers who did a special dance which they promised if we did like them, would keep our marriage long and happy. Dancing included some grinding action if you wanted to probably had to shut their eyes.

When we arrived to the Plaza (on time! phew!), we were greeted and treated especially well. Our tables were reserved in the back of the Palm Court where afternoon tea is served daily. My wedding favors were already placed on the tables and a vase was ready to receive my bouquet, as requested. Hot flavored tea, iced lemonade for the kids and Veuve Clicquot champagne was served and 3-tier platters with sandwiches, pastries and scones soon followed. I was hoping everybody could finally just relax and enjoy their afternoon tea.

Our photographer Tony Yang joined us that day for a few hours to capture many of our precious moments. I hope to receive the pictures soon so I can share with you all. For now, my dad's amazing non-photoshopped pictures will suffice and satisfy my craving to gawk at myself in a white dress and pretty makeup. My makeup was as natural as it can be and I was very happy with it. Nancy Lan did an amazing job for me as well as my mom and sister. My big sister did her makeup at Sephora due to timing issues.

Did anything go wrong that day? Sure it did. Some mishaps happened like my sister and mom's hair appointment being cancelled accidentally and were squeezed in last minute.  My dress also got shredded right before the ceremony by my super embellished (and grabby) Marchesa clutch. All the beading and crystals on the clutch just ate up the silk on the left side of my dress. That could have wrecked my day but I didn't freak out too much. I also stepped on my dress at some point and ripped a big hole in it. With a semi-ruined dress, nothing flustered me since the day was beautiful and I was just damn happy...that there was no rain.

Quick details about my look...
Dress: Morgane Le Fey dress ($100 purchased here)- The dress was altered by Dave's mother. She added the halter strap and waist band.
Shoes: Jimmy Choo ($75 purchased here)
Necklace: ... was my something blue. Sapphire given to me by my hubby for my birthday last year.
Earrings: Diamond earrings gifted by Dave for birthday. Dangling crystal earrings by Judith Leiber ($50 purchased on sale).
Hairpiece: Vera Wang hairpiece with Swarovski crystals ($5 at this sample sale).
Clutch: Marchesa ($300, purchase at this sample sale). Not shown anywhere in pictures since it ate up my dress and I tucked it far away.


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  1. Congrats to you an Dave. I forgot to ask if you mastered the dirty dancing lift at your reception? You look gorgeous, I felt like I stepped back in time. I love your hair jewel and can't believe you picked it for $5. Am I reading your post right? your clutch cost more than everything else combined?

    1. Yea..and ironically, didn't even use it :(