Monday, August 5, 2013

nykeiko eats: NYC gluttony-Things I have been eating recently...

With the family in town, eating out happened almost every day... Here are some highlights of some deliciousness that went into my tummy these past few weeks...not shown: Shake Shack burgers, cupcakes, lots of ramen, steaks and more!

Epic seafood hot pot and grill at Sik Gaek
For the grill

Baby octopus hot pot

Bone marrow at Porter House
Large portions at Tony D's..
First dish served at our wedding reception. A roasted suckling pig.
Family meals
Sashimi( including sea urchin and ikura!), maki and ramen (not shown) meal at Mitsuwa!

Giant oysters with vermicelli and black bean sauce at Royal Seafood Restaurant on Mott St
Serbian food: pork shoulder/lamb dish, blitva, lamb & spinach stew at Kafana NYC
BONUS: Cat picture!

My sister brought her cats from Canada. The white Love sign was a wedding gift and the black one I bought off someone off '100 layercake' that one and only time i visited the site. Great for pictures like this one!

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