Friday, August 23, 2013

nykeiko play: Sling Shot Me [Coney Islands]

The Sling Shot at Coney Islands

Dave and I did something spontaneously about a week ago during a work outing to Coney Island. I could have added this on my 30-30-30 list but since I like roller coaster rides or any heart rate pumping machinery, this wouldn't be too challenging. Except, I have not been on any crazy rides for a long, long time! I'm more sensitive now to any type of rides which saddens me because I love, loved roller coasters. Now, I am THAT person who gets queasy simply from texting or reading on a moving car or bus!

After eating a big Italian feast at Gargiulo's with my colleagues, Dave and I decided to take a stroll to Coney Island's boardwalk and then inside the iconic Luna Park amusement park while everyone else headed to the stadium to catch a baseball game. When we walked into Luna Park, we were all for "just looking and no playing" since Dave overstuffed himself at dinner and was sure that he would definitely puke if did any rides. There was one ride that peaked our interest. The Sling Shot. After a bit of contemplating (mostly because of the price! $35 for 2 people!), we decided to enter this ball cage thing which "slingshots" two people up 150 feet in the air at 90 mph! When we got in, we were pretty nervous but the whole thing finished before you knew it. I also felt a little queasy...just a bit.

After that, we had some raw oysters to um..ease our queasy stomach? I know right? This (pic below) is the LAST thing you want to look at and eat after getting off a vomit-inducing ride...

Another thing I did was get my face painted by this clown hired to entertain the kids at dinner. The adults took advantage of this to be kids themselves again. So, I decided that I wanted a panda face ON my face. It didn't work out so well, the clown was almost clocking out and got lazy and decided to make me a dog instead. Oh well. I received many compliments at Luna Park nonetheless..."Are you a cat?"...

Overall, we had a pretty nice evening...a perfect date almost where dinner was paid for by my boss :)

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