Monday, August 26, 2013

There was a bachelorette party! Part 2 of 3: Gettin' tipsy in the park and striking a pose (or 100)!

A while ago, I mentioned a bachelorette party was thrown for yours truly back in the city of Montreal. Part 1 of the bachelorette party, we drew a nude model at an art center which was so much blush-inducing fun! After that, we had the chance to all go home and change and then meet up again at a park in Westmount where my sister surprised us with a small picnic full of sweets and champagne. The spot she picked was decorated with small felt balls and balloons! We popped our first bottle of champagne right away and drank to the last drop of the third bottle a couple of hours later. We found out afterwards that we could have been fined a couple hundred for drinking in the park but when park cops drove by our spot, they didn't say anything (or did not see anything?). While all of this was going down (we wore props, blew bubbles, hula hooped, of course drank)  a professional photographer took pictures of us. I also got to take pictures with every single girl friend so that there could be a keepsake photo of us from that day.


There were a few other girls I would have loved to join our party but with everyone's busy schedule and also NOT living in the same city anymore, I know it is a difficult request. It just reminds me how I have to make the most of these special moments and keep these lingering warm memories in my heart when I return to New York far away from my friends.

As for part 3, I don't think I am going to post anything about that because I don't have any pictures from dinner :) We all went to this fantastic wine bar restaurant in Montreal's Old Port called Accords. We didn't really go for the wine but my sister picked this place because she thought the cuisine is probably not something I can easily find in New York. She was right. The food was delicious, mostly homemade and all the ingredients were seasonal and locally sourced . The current menu is almost completely different from what I saw back in June which is indicative that there's a creative chef behind the scenes. The food was really good and each dish comes with optional wine pairing. Most of us had too much champagne at the park and skipped the wine but I would love to go back again and try something else WITH wine. On the down side, the service was really extremely slow and the meal lasted almost 4 hours I think. That was a buzz kill since we were all so hungry but the food and desserts made up for it 100%.

I sifted through some pictures. I estimated 400 photos last time but I received over 1200 candid shots from my sister this past weekend! Here are a couple of my fave shots amongst too many...

Shake and pop the cork

My hands were too busy playing to drink

Thank you girls....especially Melissa for being the brains behind this Bachelorette operation.

Oh yea! Here's a "What I wore"!

Leather skirt by Alice and Olicia ($100 at sample sale)
Bracelet by Lulu Frost ($115 sample sale)
Silk top by Equipment (I forget the price I paid on eBay. $30?)
Hat was borrowed and no idea who it belongs to.

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  1. Luv your sis's idea for a bachelorette party! I love how now a days they are much more tailored to the bride rather than the typically crazy crazy, strip club and make them do embarassing things.