Monday, August 19, 2013

Wedding snapshots #4: Cake!

The cake cutting...

Do I have to eat this now?

We ended up getting a free cake from our wedding venue which was a nice gift because we had given up on actually ordering a $6-7/piece cake for our 330 guests. We wanted a good tasting cake for everyone but we weren't sure that people will be eating cake after a 13 course meal...and I think we made the right decision not to have invested in a cake after all. Most people were full after only the 5th or 6th dish and the most of the older Chinese guests (more than 70% of our guests) normally do not like to eat cake.

We did two cake tastings. One was at Sugar Flower Cake Shop where a piece of cake started at $12 and the other tasting at Silk Cakes which offered pieces starting at $7 per piece. Both bakery offered something special and we enjoyed both of them. We were closer to ordering a cake from Silk Cakes because it fit our budget more and we didn't need the fancy 'organic, sustainable, gluten-free' cakes offered by Sugar Flower Cake Shop. We had the flavor and design picked out and everything. It would have been a beautiful cake.

As for the cake we did get for free, I took off an ugly generic cake topper (the typical plastic bride and groom one) and replaced it with this piece I made with aluminum wire inspired by something I saw on Etsy. A simple and easy DIY!

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