Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A breather...

Finally a breather and some time to blog. Eating home-cooked meal for the first time after two weeks feels wonderful. I made ratatouille last night and tonight, I made mapo tofu and an Asian squash soup with salted eggs. Simple and delicious!

We flew back from Hawaii on Saturday afternoon and we were picked straight up from the airport to attend a wedding in Massachusetts that same evening. The wedding was in the middle of a garden near horsies at Hancock Shaker Village. The air was clean and crisp but so chilly which was a complete shock for my body which has been acclimated to Hawaiian warmth for so long. Yes, take pity on us.

We stayed overnight and got back into the city on Sunday with only a couple of hours to spare before heading to Central Park Summerstage to see Alt-J. I was pretty tired but eager and excited about being back in the city again! The concert was only okay due to many reasons. Someone spilt beer on me earlier in the night (though I was unphased by it), cigarette and weed smokers all over and EVERY person around us were chatty during the concert, simply uninterested in the concert making the whole night unbearable for me. The set ended earlier than we expected (I guess Alt-J only has one album anyway) so I was looking forward to getting a bowl of ramen at the new Ippudo in midtown. A hot bowl of noodles on a chilly night. Perfect.

And finally, we got home just before midnight ...crawled into our own bed... sad to be away from paradise but content to be back home. We missed home.

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