Monday, September 23, 2013

nykeiko shops: Private J. Mendel sample sale [sample sale, NYC]

nykeiko: J Mendel sample sale March 2013

I received an invite for a private J. Mendel sample sale coming up in October on the 9th and 10th. At the last sample sale which I went on the first day it opened to the public, I was looking for an evening gown to wear for my wedding reception. I left empty-handed for a couple of reasons: I'm not into fur coats, the leftover dresses were way too big (not willing to spend hundreds on alterations on a dress that cost thousands) and the price points were over my budget. I guess that's all very good reasons for me to not have bought anything. I did see some gorgeous pieces though which I would have splurged on if, let's say I was invited to the Oscars!

I'll be checking the sale out hoping for some sweet finds since at the last sale, I found one pair of $75 J. Mendel shoes and some samples started at $50!

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