Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Couple's takes two!

Dave and I take many pictures together especially when we travel but what we don't have a lot of are professional pictures. The only ones we have so far are from our wedding and I wasn't super pleased with them. We looked so awkward together for many of the shots and we didn't seem natural AT ALL. Many people asked us why we didn't take any engagement pictures. Well, we weren't comfortable with the idea of posing and don't really like the cheesy generic shots and by the look of the wedding pictures, we were right. We're not good at looking natural unless we're not posing. However, there's always cheesy posing but if done right, it can look completely natural. So I guess we just didn't find the right photographers here in NY. I am pretty picky as well.

This weekend, we're finally doing a real photoshoot together and I'm excited yet dreading it. I want it to be casual but I don't want to ruin the pictures therefore a little effort needs to be made. I have to do my hair and put on a dab of makeup. Thinking about our outfits and accessories? Shoes? What color lipstick? Heels or flats? ...argh! It's cool, it's cool. It is not the end of the world. We're going to start the photoshoot in one of Dave's favorite buildings in the city which is Grand Central Station. It will be a classic! These will be photos we will keep forever representing both of us at the age of 30, married, living together in one of the greatest cities in the world!

Our photographers will be Bernie and Molina who are traveling all the way from Toronto to attend a conference but allocated some time to do photoshoots. And we were lucky to be squeezed in their, I am sure, busy schedule. I like their style and I have a feeling the pictures will turn out great! Cross my fingers and toes xxx

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