Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dream destinations..United glitch.

Hawaii 2013

If you can fly anywhere for free (or almost free) where would you go?

A couple of days ago, had some issues with their website where people were able to purchase flights using miles they did not have. By simply clicking on the refresh button a couple of times, you were able to get free tickets and just pay just the airport taxes and fees. Read more about it here and people making fun of it on twitter. Of course, United Airlines are not honoring these tickets because they called it a "manipulation" on the customer's part to get these tickets. I agree that we didn't have the points and therefore, are not entitled to the tickets but we did it anyway...hoping they would honor it.

Dave started going at it like crazy while I only got one reservation to work. It looks like the destinations Dave and I picked aren't epic at all because we were being logical and thought about the vacation days we were able to take off next year.

My true dream travel list would be something like this:

-Scotland (The Highlands)
-Australia (The Outbacks)
-South Africa (Safari!)
-Anywhere in Europe (Anywhere!)
-Tonga (New on my dream list only because you can legally swim with humpback whales there!)
I can add a dozen more countries...

But our picks and what we made reservations for were a bit more local and a dash of international:

-New Orleans (Culture!)
-Chicago (somewhere close to visit with Dave's parents)
-Portland Oregon (craft beer and food)
-Los Angeles (to see a friend)
-Paris (macarons and bread and wine and butter and Chanel!)
-Taiwan (to visit parents)

And those were our destination choices when we could have picked anywhere to fly in the world! Lame? Maybe, but do-able without losing our jobs!

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