Saturday, October 19, 2013

In pictures: A hidden trail off the Kalalau lookout [Waimea Canyon, Kauai]

Just some pictures from our incredible hike at Waimea Canyon State Park off the Kalalau lookout. This was one of the highlights of our trip. We couldn't find much information about this trail and it is not shown on the park's maps. We happen to have found it when we saw two people walk out from the forest. We decided to put on our hiking shoes and check it out. We thought it would just be a short hike to get a better view but it turned out to be a legitimate hiking trail. We walked further and further because the view was getting more and more incredible. When we bumped into a couple of hikers and were told it would be 2-3 miles to the end, I looked at Dave like woah but we knew we didn't want to stop. Those are the times where I am happy to have someone like Dave by my side. We're both crazy. Since it was an impromptu hike, we didn't have sun lotion nor water on us. It was a bit difficult and because of the altitude, we were out of breath more quickly (or maybe simply out of shape). It was a great hike and not too difficult. At some parts of the trail, you have to watch your steps because you definitely do not want to slip as you may just fall to your death.

Here are just some of the pictures we took on top of the ones I have previously posted before.

We were in awe every step of the way...

A waterfall!

A rainbow!

We heard goats echoing in the valley. We thought they were seabirds at first.

Almost there to the end..

The view below. The Kalalau beach which is the end of the infamous Kalalau trail. 
Hey, when you finally get up have to take as many pictures as possible.

On our way back:
Dense foliage in some part of the trail

One last glimpse
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