Thursday, October 17, 2013

In pictures: Liebeskind sample sale [October 2013 NY sample sale]

When there is a one-day sample sale, you kind of expect it be good which means true samples and great prices. So, after work today, I decided to check out the Liebeskind's one day sample sale which ended at 8 p.m. giving me ample time to head there from work. The sale was held in the basement of their Soho store on Lafayette street. 

When you descend to the basement, you're greeted with a pleasing price list where the most expensive items are $50 for leather bags. You become hopeful. Other prices include $40 for large nylon or small leather crossbody bags. Wallets and belts were $15, pouches were $10 and mobile sleeves were $5. Shoes were $40 and that's where the supposed samples were (overheard a sales lady). Sizing was limited but some styles (metallic flats) came in multiple sizes. 

It was an hour before closing and it was quiet as a library down there with just a couple of shoppers coming in and out. Maybe it was better in the morning and all the good stuff has been picked through. There was a lot of stock left especially for the belts. They should have just given them all out for $1 just to get rid of them. I picked up a pair of flats reminiscent of my Rag and Bone Newbury flats. Actually, they are almost identical except for the color but these were made in Italy, oxford red and only $40. There was only one size left.

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$40 nylon bags

$5 phone case. Probably not for your iphone 5
$15 wallets

$15 belts

Tons of Liebeskind belts

$50 bags

There were two pairs of men's shoes left.
$40 shoes

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