Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh just browsing...Valextra bags

Mon ami Michael told me about this Italian brand called Valextra the other day after I had mentioned to him that I was looking for a timeless designer bag. At first I wasn't too keen on the style. I thought the bags looked like what 60+ year old Upper East side women would wear but now, I'm slowly warming up to these bags (I'm halfway to 60). Always being able to recognize all the "it" bags being toted around the city, I realize I don't want to hold an "it" bag on my arm. I want a bag that is distinguishable by the style and quality and not by its logos and branding. This is the total opposite of what I had told Michael. That I want something recognizable like a Chanel bag. When you see a Chanel, it's indistinguishable from other brands. Valextra seemed too low key for me and the designs weren't "spectacular". However, that was then (like only 2 months ago) and this is how I feel about them now! I am tired of seeing the same bags everywhere. It is probably just in New York where all these girls can afford $2000-3000 bags!

The Valextra bags remind me of House of Hermès and Louis Vuitton but without all the logos. Valextra is often dubbed the "Italian Hermès" and every bag is insured the utmost quality because of the handmade craftsmanship. If I am going to spend over $2,000 it better damn well last me until I croak. But money is not the problem sometimes. Of course, I won't be able to wear these type of bags on a daily basis because my line of work does not require me to dress up daily. So, it probably won't be worth it for me to purchase a designer bag? It would be just too weird holding a fancy bag paired with jeans, a tee and runners, don't you think? Yes, yes, I know you can look uber cool wearing indigo skinny jeans, a soft Alexander Wang tee and Superga shoes, but no, that's not what I wear to go work in a lab.

Here are some Valextra bags I picked from the bunch on Barneys' website. The bags are very minimalistic but the best part is, there is no brand logos splattered all over!

I like the shape of these clutches...

Can this fit my laptop?

A bag for a day out in the town... but I like big bags to stuff lots of things in...

A classic black bag?

A pop of red! Looks like it's for important business ladies though..

This can fit probably everything I need...It kind of looks like a dog bag though..but it seems so roomy which I like!

Oh and I stumbled upon this brand, M2Malletier. It has a more modern look and maybe more suitable for me! What do you think?

M2Malletier bags
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