Monday, October 7, 2013

Scotch and Soda/ Maison Scotch sample sale [October 2013 NY sample sale]

Scotch and Soda, Maison Scotch sample sale October 2013

I came out empty-handed from the Scotch and Soda sample sale but if I would just increase my budget a little (I am trying to be good lately..I'll tell you later about my Woodbury trip this past weekend where I only spent $10...on food!! ), there would have been some new goodies at home with me tonight. 

I took a look at the accessories section first where prices started at $10 for jewelry. An Eiffel Tower nail filer slash necklace caught my attention. Anything Paris related always grabs my attention for some reason even though I have never been (oh macarons...). Other accessories include
 some Maison Scotch promotional items including leather goods and leather journals. If I were a boy, I'd grab this multi-colored leather card holder for only $15. A passport holder I was interested in was $30 but seeing the original retail price tag was $49, I placed it back. There were ties, socks ($15), belts ($20), iPhone leather cases, hats ($30) and leather bags ($45). 
Pricing was straightforward in the clothing department for both men and women. Starting with $15 for tank tops, $25 Jersey tees and polos, $45 for skirts and shorts, $45 for blouses and button up shirts, $50 dresses/pants and jeans, sweaters, $75 for bests, $100 for outerwear, blazers and jackets and finally, $150 for leather garments. The prices were a bit lower than at the last sample sale in April. 

The tank tops were cute but with fall underway (barely), I was more interested in the sweaters and long sleeves. This was a true sample sale and samples were all over. Most are petite or small though. UK sizes 2 and 3 seem scarce but available mostly in the overstocked items. There were tons of samples to shop from and you have to flip through the racks to find something unique you will like. If you see something you like, grab it right away because there's rarely two of a kind. 

In the men's section, it was also thriving with garbs and there were a lot of happy shoppers. The sweaters looked really nice and many guys seem to flock around that area.

Here are pictures of a few pieces that I liked. 

Maison Scotch leather goods
Buttery leather bag $45

Tweed blazers and jackets $100
Wool, linen and cotton scarves $30
I went into the men's section and found something I would wear.

aaand..back to the girl stuff.

Shiny tweed skirt $45

Too chilly to want these cute shorts $45

For a day out in Williamsburg $45

Maison Scotch Eiffel tower nail filer necklace $10

Top I'd wear as a PJ  $15

I'd wear this if it was not like XXS

$15 undies
I can't imagine what would happen when you're stuck in the rain with these leather sandals or on a hot humid day when my feet does get extra sweaty....maybe it is just me.

Maison Scotch leather sandals for $30

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  1. didn't see a lot of the leather goods or scarves anymore; will check back when they drop in price again... :T