Sunday, October 13, 2013

The 3rd annual Racked Awards 2013

This was my vision by the end of the night at the 2013 Racked Awards celebrated at the Heath inside the McKittrick hotel. Alright, I didn't drink thaaat much but those cocktails were pretty strong...except the punch which was so good! The winners of the 2013 Racked Awards were announced earlier in the day and could claim their golden turbans at the party. 

Just to mention a few winners voted by Racked readers:

Best New Store-Personnel of New York (which I personally want to check out!)
Best Sample sale went to 'Comme des Garçon'. (That's where I got my Tretorn sneakers for $20.)
Best New Home Goods Store-Jung Lee. (Another store I want to check out.)
Best French Import- Maison Kitsuné (It's a nice store!)
Best Online Goes Offline- Warby Parker. (I have a pair!)

The Racked Awards golden turbans!

The Heathens played up some great tunes! Oldies, classics and new songs!

3 choices of Tito vodka's handmade cocktails (with fresh ingredients, simple syrups and everything!) were being concocted at the bar. We tried all 3 cocktails as you can see.

photo by Kenneth Bachor 
A party is not complete without a photobooth! There was one set up called Rotobooth inside this mini model train cart! (I need to return to the Heath one day!) Rotobooth lets you use a rotary dial to enter your cellphone number so you can get a text with the link to your 4 pictures! It is a pretty neat idea but freakin' takes forever to dial when you're slightly buzzed which the booth attendant said, guests often are! I'm 30 so I did have a rotary dial phone at home when I was young but I thought, for the younger kids, they must think it is such an ancient but novel idea! 

And right after you finish dialing, you have to step back and get ready immediately for the shot or else you will look like this...

The I Am Not Ready Yet look
But then you get the hang of it and look like this...professional synchronized photobooth takers. 

Fobby Asian pose

We took 12 different poses

Live band, free drinks, a psychic reader and photobooth! More pictures of the party here! Thank you Racked for an awesome party!

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