Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mackage sample sale [November NYC Sample Sale 2013] made in Cambodia?

Today, I went to the Mackage sample sale here in NY (My review on RackedNY). Mackage is a Canadian lux outerwear brand. There was a ton of stock compared to past sales I have attended. A LOT more. One thing I immediately noticed was that all their coats were now made in China (Shanghai) and some were even made in Cambodia. Cambodia was new. Last year, when I visited the Mackage flagship store in Soho, almost every piece was made in Shanghai, China. None were made in Canada like I remembered. The quality seemed good but something bugged me about this.

When I first shopped Mackage back in Montreal what seems ages ago, Mackage was still a small growing brand with a strong cult following. At that time, all their coats were still made in Canada. I still have two wool/leather coats from them which are both made in Canada and a leather jacket and a wool coat that are made in China. I also remember the last Braderie de Mode I attended in Montreal a couple of years ago, the stock filled up a large room. Things have def changed and the little Canadian company has expanded quickly. They are now mass-produced in China to cater to high demands. That's most likely why there's so much overstocks as well. I'm happy for the brand's expansion but now I'm going to cherish their old pieces which, it may or may not be true, were probably made with a bit more pride and with a bit more Canadian love. From what I saw at the sale today, it seemed the make and quality of my old pieces are also a bit better. Maybe it's all in my head.

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