Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New on my cozy winter wishlist [M.M. Lafleur]

The Morandi by MM Lafleur

New on my cozy winter wishlist is this 100% wool cardigan by M.M. LafleurThe Morandi. I'm a bit allergic to wool but I usually layer underneath my wool pieces and this piece seems so nicely threaded and non-fuzzy that I think my skin would be able to tolerate it. What I like about it is that it not only looks so practical and comfy, it is totally machine washable! I love a thick knitwear but they are so annoying to wash. You usually have to dry clean or risk deteriorating them but I have been hand washing my knits to save some dineros. I handwash most of my cashmere and wool garbs but it's annoying since they can get really heavy, wet and you have to dedicate an entire hanging rack for the sweater to lie flat on. The Morandi seems like the perfect wardrobe staple...so is everything from M.M. Lafleur actually!

Because this piece is priced at $230, I need to put it on my wishlist for now...

Photos from M.M. LAFLEUR

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